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Coaching is a co-operative process between the coach and the client designed to assist the client in achieving specified goals. Clients use a coach for some of the following reasons and often for a combination of these reasons:
  • To make substantial personal changes including stress reduction and lifestyle simplification
  • To improve communication and managerial skills to be more effective
  • Increase productivity
  • Gain financial independence
  • To design a complete Life Plan, including both business and personal goals
  • To prioritize, basing personal and business goals on one's values
  • To update or expand a business or the business owner's vision
  • To live a more healthy life
  • Here is a sample of what the media has said about coaching:
    "A personal coach can be the answer when people need a push in more than part of their lives or guidance in setting broad lifestyle goals." Dallas Morning News

    "Business coaches, or career coaches are stepping into replace the role traditionally held by a mentor..." Orlando Sentinel

    "...I would bet the return on a (coaching) client's investment could be substantial." "Work Life" columnist Jim Pawlak, Detroit Free Press

    "What having a personal trainer is to your body, having a coach can be to your mind..." Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    Coaching is for those individuals and groups who see the value in having a confidential partner to prompt them to stay focused, and reach higher resulting in smarter decisions, reduced stress and greater accomplishments.

    Coaching is not therapy or consulting per se. Coaching looks at a client's current and future life in working towards personal and professional development. Although the coach may have expertise in an area they're assisting the client, it is not necessary as the coach has expertise in the processes of personal and professional development. The coaching process relies on the client having the right answers and processes within them, with the coaches task of helping them to bring those to the surface, through listening, powerful questioning, straight forward feedback, humor, and insight.

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